2nd Grade Word Search Spelling Activities #5

September 11, 2012

Lesson #5 spelling activities for kids. 2nd grade word search spelling words for children. Available in printable pdf format with answer sheets. Spelling words suitable for 2nd graders. Print our free 2nd grade word search spelling activities with 20 hidden words per puzzle worksheet to find and circle.

Description of spelling activity:
Kids printable word search spelling activities.
Spelling activity instructions:
The objective is for students to find and circle the 20 Grade 2 spelling words from the list of words. All spelling words are hidden. Words should be searched in all directions.
Spelling words in this lesson:
Started, Own, Brass, Cute, Past, Rode, All, Shall, Test, Arm, Dad, Soon, Didn't, Don't, Pong, Think, Rest, Couldn't, Pride, Hand.
Number of spelling words:
20 words.
Number of spelling worksheets:
1 worksheet.
Grade level:
2nd grade spelling words. These worksheets are suitable for 2nd graders.
Worksheet format:
PDF printable spelling worksheets.
Spelling worksheet answers:
Word search spelling puzzle answer sheet is included with each worksheet.